Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Late Christmas to You!

Here are some pictures from Christmas at my moms and some from Christmas and Richard's Parent's house (all of his siblings were able to come into town).

Richard (and all the brothers) got machetes from Mary (brought all the way from Guatemala *on an airplane*)

Hanging out with Daddy on Grandmama's new couch!

Trenton, Aiden and Athena love their Uncle Buck (Blake)

Auntie Katie and Brelynn hanging out!

Trenton got this insanely large "action figure" from Grandpa Chuck!

Grandma Smith with baby McKeltie
This is 9 month old Brelynn showing her cousin Elaine who's boss, you can see the progression in the next 2 pictures!

Coming in for the kill!!

Got'er! She was biting her SHIRT! but Elaine is deathly afraid of Brelynn and cries when she is anywhere near her!!!

Ashley, trying out Nathan's new Rip Stick!! It's much harder than it looks!

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Clong said...

I was going to ask where you got the machete from but then read that mary gave it to him and got it in guatamala:( I was out in the garden today and thinking, "man a machete would really come in handy." Seriously! But I don't think they sell them at target. So I'm at a loss.

Also, after those pictures I'm afraid of brelynn too. She's big, and very intimidating. And bites. Let's not forget the biting. Jonas is very into it these days as well.