Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rock Climbing at The Solid Rock!

Richard and I recently went on a double date with a couple of friends of ours, Cassie and Greg (Hi Cassie). We decided on dinner and indoor rock climbing. It was a ton of fun, here are some pictures of the evening...enjoy!

Don't I look so helpful showing Cassie "the ropes" ( I really wasn't doing the instructing, Richard was). She caught on very quick and was soon scaling the wall...

On both of our first climbs Cassie and I didn't make it very high, it takes some getting used to, especially if you are like me and you barely trust anyone to belay (sorry Greg). We got the hang of things and pretty soon we were both making our way to the roof!!

Cassie found herself her very own cave to take a break in!

We even got brave enough to try flipping ourselves over, here is Cassie, this was so much fun!

And here I am, kinda-sorta trying to trust that I wont break my head open if I put my hands down!!

Greg just cracks me up!!

Richard flipped over faster than any of us, he is a natural. He has been rock climbing for a very long time and has grown accustom to trusting in the equipment.

I had so much fun climbing around and being silly and cant wait until I can do it again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Grade!!

Today was Trenton's first day of First Grade! I was so excited for him. He was a little nervous but that didn't last long. Here he is in the car on the way. Brelynn was almost as excited as Trenton, they were so cute waiting outside the classroom until the teacher let us in!!!

Trenton quickly found his seat and was ready to get to work!! I cant believe he is in 1st grade already.
I will do my best to keep undating the blog through the school year with all the activities and events.
Happy First Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Break

Easter break was a lot of fun. Uncle Buck (Blake) gave me a day pass to sea world (my pass expired last month but Trenton has a fun card). So we went and watched Dolly the dolphin with my friend Merinda and her kids. Blake is the sound engineer for the dolphin show, so it was pretty cool to watch the show and know that he was the one working the magic. I like dolphins, but i honestly HATE the dolphin "show", there are only so many times, year after year, you can watch a person "fall" into a water tank and be taken on a crazy ride and I swear if I hear anyone say that a dolphin feels like a hot dog again ,I'm gonna snap. Sorry, what I mean to say is that I wish they would revamp the show and make it a new story line. Here is Trenton with his friend Kadence, right outside Wild Arctic.

The week before spring break, Trenton's school had a "Fun Run" fundraiser. The kids got pledges to donate money for each lap they ran (the younger kids, k-1st, had a special "smaller course). Trenton ran 12 laps! There was only 1 other kid that ran more laps than him, he ran 13! It was a lot of fun for the kids, there was a DJ (DJ PAT) who was playing upbeat music for the kids to run to, they also made sure that the kids stretched before their big run. On each lap the kids would stop and receive a bracelet, a fun prize- but it was also so the teachers could keep track of how many laps each kid ran.

The first week of break Trenton had splash week, at the Y in Santee, with his friend Kadence. They had so much fun, except on the last day the instructors let the kids free play on the water structure and on their last day it was cold and rainy. Trenton only played for about 5 minutes before realizing that warming up with his towel sounded a lot more fun!

Brelynn had her first "real" Easter, we did our hunt at Grandma Smith's, on Saturday. Brelynn and Maddie (Jessa's Daughter) had a lot of fun hunting for the eggs before the big kids got the chance. Trenton, Nathan and Lizzy got to go on the hunt for over 100 eggs! It was an awesome day, we all had a great time :-)

We also had an impromptu hunt with some moms from my current and previous wards. That was a good practice run before we went to Grandma Smith's.

Most of Easter break we just hung out around the house, but on the last Friday I decide I really wanted to do something fun, so I packed up the kids and we drove to Shell Beach to check out the tide pools, its just a little south of La Jolla Cove. We had sooo much fun, Brelynn is a total water baby and had no problem walking right into the super cold water. Trenton was a little more cautious but they both ended up getting wet and having a great time exploring the sea life. we had so much fun that the next day, Saturday, when Richard asked Trenton what he wanted to do for family time, Trenton said he wanted to go back to the beach and play with daddy this time. So, we headed back and this time since daddy was there Trenton was a lot more brave and went with him into this little "lagoon" area and hung out. They even got an up close look at a seal who was exploring in that area!

Trenton is working hard in Kindergarten. He can add 3 numbers at a time (7+5+4=16)! He is also reading like crazy. It is so funny to hear him in the back of the car, everywhere we go, reading obscure signs and billboards and then asking me to explain what they mean!! I am so proud of him.

Oh, we also got 7 more baby chicks, that will make 10 egg laying chickens once they get bigger! I am excited about that, I didn't used to like eggs, I would eat them if they were deviled eggs or hard boiled but I really didn't like them that much. Ever since having eggs of our own I have grown to love eggs and find all sorts of recipes and reasons to eat them!

Trenton went back to school this Monday and next Monday he has his "spring sing", where all the kids in the school have a spring concert for the public. I am really looking forward to it.
Here is some randomness from around the house-enjoy!

Brelynn loves sitting in this extra car seat I have around the house and pretending she is driving in the car, so Trenton decided to go grab HIS extra seat and put it in front of her so he could drive. They played like that for a long time, it was really cute.

Brelynn, experimenting with veggies. She would scrape a chunk of celery off and then spit it into her hand...and then hand it to ME!!!

Brelynn loves helping out around the house, she is really good about picking up toys and putting them away, she also loves to vacuum!

So, I was chatting online with a friend when I heard Brelynn kinda fuss, she has been doing that a lot lately trying to get things she cant have. So, I ignored it for a few minutes, when i finally got up to see what was going on, I found Brelynn in the cubby of the entertainment center ON TOP of her play table, pushing the buttons lol. I pulled it out and then she got to play with it the proper way...

This is Brelynn and Trenton watching a movie together one night, I just couldn't resist capturing how sweet they were with each other.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Baby is 1!

I cant believe that it has been over a year since Brelynn joined our family. She is such sweet girl, tough, but sweet. In her first year of life she has been through a lot. We had a lot of fun times and then there was the month she was in a cast after breaking her leg (she had been trying to crawl/walk over a step). So, here is a look back at Brelynn's first year. I love you baby girl.

Brelynn hanging out with auntie Gen at Channel 1225; Brelynn and her friend Kamrn hanging out before they could get around; Brelynn on her first ride at LegoLand.

Brelynn loves being outside, here she is hanging out with her posse in Old town; Trenton and Mary built her a "walking machine" since she couldnt get around be herself!!; Here she is having a banana for the first time.

We LOVE El Monte Park, here she is on her first ride down the slide with mommy; She liked it so much she tried to climb back up to go again!

She enjoys climbing in and out of Maizy's crate!She also likes to watching the rain hit the patio at grandma's house

This is the messiest teething cookie ever created; She didn't mind cause after the cookie she got to take a bath!; She likes to help around the house-"honey, thats for the hard floor in the kitchen, not for the carpet".

Brelynn was a ladybug for her first halloween, this is my FAVORITE face that she makes!; The rest of the gang on halloween;

Her first Christmas, and hopefully the last time she has a cast on; She just adored meeting Santa, can you tell!

Her favorite toy, for a long time, was her baby kitchen; Playing with Auntie Lizzy and Cousin Maddie; Brelynn showing Madeline how the toy works!

Don't look now, but I thing there is some kind of creature attacking Grandma!

Birthday wishes, and sugar coma (just kidding, kinda)

Happy Birthday Brelynn Renee!