Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rock Climbing at The Solid Rock!

Richard and I recently went on a double date with a couple of friends of ours, Cassie and Greg (Hi Cassie). We decided on dinner and indoor rock climbing. It was a ton of fun, here are some pictures of the evening...enjoy!

Don't I look so helpful showing Cassie "the ropes" ( I really wasn't doing the instructing, Richard was). She caught on very quick and was soon scaling the wall...

On both of our first climbs Cassie and I didn't make it very high, it takes some getting used to, especially if you are like me and you barely trust anyone to belay (sorry Greg). We got the hang of things and pretty soon we were both making our way to the roof!!

Cassie found herself her very own cave to take a break in!

We even got brave enough to try flipping ourselves over, here is Cassie, this was so much fun!

And here I am, kinda-sorta trying to trust that I wont break my head open if I put my hands down!!

Greg just cracks me up!!

Richard flipped over faster than any of us, he is a natural. He has been rock climbing for a very long time and has grown accustom to trusting in the equipment.

I had so much fun climbing around and being silly and cant wait until I can do it again.


Clong said...

How come I've never seen this before? Well, I'm seeing it now and that's what matters. Fun times!!!

Gordon Family 5 said...

I miss doing the rock climbing walls and replelling down. Great photo shots.