Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Baby is 1!

I cant believe that it has been over a year since Brelynn joined our family. She is such sweet girl, tough, but sweet. In her first year of life she has been through a lot. We had a lot of fun times and then there was the month she was in a cast after breaking her leg (she had been trying to crawl/walk over a step). So, here is a look back at Brelynn's first year. I love you baby girl.

Brelynn hanging out with auntie Gen at Channel 1225; Brelynn and her friend Kamrn hanging out before they could get around; Brelynn on her first ride at LegoLand.

Brelynn loves being outside, here she is hanging out with her posse in Old town; Trenton and Mary built her a "walking machine" since she couldnt get around be herself!!; Here she is having a banana for the first time.

We LOVE El Monte Park, here she is on her first ride down the slide with mommy; She liked it so much she tried to climb back up to go again!

She enjoys climbing in and out of Maizy's crate!She also likes to watching the rain hit the patio at grandma's house

This is the messiest teething cookie ever created; She didn't mind cause after the cookie she got to take a bath!; She likes to help around the house-"honey, thats for the hard floor in the kitchen, not for the carpet".

Brelynn was a ladybug for her first halloween, this is my FAVORITE face that she makes!; The rest of the gang on halloween;

Her first Christmas, and hopefully the last time she has a cast on; She just adored meeting Santa, can you tell!

Her favorite toy, for a long time, was her baby kitchen; Playing with Auntie Lizzy and Cousin Maddie; Brelynn showing Madeline how the toy works!

Don't look now, but I thing there is some kind of creature attacking Grandma!

Birthday wishes, and sugar coma (just kidding, kinda)

Happy Birthday Brelynn Renee!

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