Monday, December 1, 2008

Trenton Kindergarten

Yes, Trenton is still around, poor guy isn't getting any of my "virtual world" attention so I will post a bit about him. He started school this year. Trenton is in Mrs. Bedrosian's class at Lakeview Elementary. He is too smart for his own good sometimes! He is having a blast making friends, learning to read and doing more art projects than you could ever imagine, I will post some pictures of his art soon. Trenton loves playing outside and building things. He is fasinated by magnets, he loves trying to figure out how they work and how much he can do with them.

Ready for the first day of school...but mom wasn't :-(..

Trenton and Mrs. Bedrosian on the first day of school!
Walking at Balboa park with friends
Checking out the Box Canyon Trail created by the Mormon Battalion. Sarah, Brelynn, Trenton and Mary relaxing on the grass in Old Town!

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