Monday, November 24, 2008

Brelynn Catch Up

So, I jumped ahead quite a bit with my last post, so I just wanted to stick in some pictures and commentary of Brelynn's first 8 months on Earth. She had already been to Disneyland, California Adventure, LegoLand, Sea World, The San Diego Zoo and The Wild Animal Park before she was 3 months old! What a trooper, her are some pics of her adventures so far. Enjoy!

We were all playing trekkie dress up! She's the cutest little Geordi!
He is so proud to be a big brother!!

Meeting Eeyore on Brelynn's first trip to Disneyland!

You cant really tell but this is Brelynn and Richard on the Pirates of Carribean ride, right after we got on, then they make you put away your camera.

Brelynn in her blessing dress, she is so adorable

Brandon Reas' mission farewell, she's just chillin'

Meeting her Auntie Mary for the first time, Mary was at BYU when the baby was born. As you can tell, they are both very fond of eachother.

Her first time in a swimming pool, we were at the Overson's. COry let her borrow his sun hat :-)

Her first amusement park ride, LegoLand's Story Book Boat (or something) and the next picture is a boat ride at LegoLand that takes you to see all of the awesome lego structures.

Her first 5K walk, for Parkinson's, she made it the whole way!!

Her first trip to Channel 1225, hanging out with Auntie Gen.

My friend Lyndsey holding Brelynn and her friend Kamryn!

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Merry Mary said...

I MISS THEM SOOOO!!!!! I´m always going nuts to my roommate about how awesome Trenton is. I´m more obsessed with him than I realized. He´s just so awesome! I love them both beyond description! Please say hi to them for me and let Trenton know that he´s a GREAT older brother. Amazing! And kiss lil´ Brelyn for me.