Monday, November 24, 2008

Brelynn's Birth

This was Brelynn when I was 10 weeks pregnant. She was comfy cozy and decided she was going to stay in and not be born on her due date, she was subsequently, forcibly removed (I was induced) on March 12th. I had a 6 hour labor and she was born at 2:36 pm!

Brelynn Renee Smith was 8 lbs 4 oz! She is my little princess.

Trenton has taken to calling her "wanga changs" but if you ever try saying it, he will tell you you are saying it wrong, there is some kind of accent he puts on the "ch", and he is very particular. To this day I do not know where he picked that name up from but it has stuck and he now calls her his little wangas.

Trenton is an amazing big brother and knows all the best tricks to keep the baby happy. He is great at sharing his toys, although some toys have been not so baby friendly, like the tiny magnetix pieces! He also shares his play tent...

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